Case/Shiller Index Up for Seattle

The recently released Case/Shiller index shows that Seattle real estate is up 10.6% for the past year and home prices are back to 2005 levels. This is significant because many homeowners not eligible for the HARP program will be able to refinance their mortgages by traditional means, equity position. That’s right folks, if you have been doing the right thing throughout the credit crisis you can most likely get the loan you’ve wanted for a long time. Lending standards have also steadily relaxed to a point where you do not need perfect credit to qualify for conventional financing. If you know that your loan isn’t HARP and you need some help determining your house value give the Troll a call so he can help you. If your loan is HARP eligible “What Have You Been Waiting For!” – take advantage of this outstanding program that eliminates the appraisal requirement altogether. In either case call the Troll. He is a wholesale mortgage broker that has access to the lowest rates in town.

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