Celebrate Veterans Day with an IRRRL (Earl)

Happy Veterans Day to all of you who have served our country. The VA has made it incredibly easy to lower mortgage rates for its veterans through the IRRRL (Earl) streamline refinance program. This program allows VA borrowers the ability to take advantage of today’s really low interest rates without the hassle of a formal refinance. The Earl requires no income qualification, no appraisal and no mortgage seasoning whatsoever. It’s so easy! Even if you have just recently completed your VA loan, interest rate movements in the past month can still allow us to substantially lower your interest rate with minimal or in many cases no closing costs at all. The Earl is an incredible opportunity for veterans and the Troll is proud to offer it to his customers. All VA loans in Washington are eligible so please call the Troll at 206-204-4000 for a quick chat and a quick quote to see if Uncle Sam can save you money.

Thank you for your service

The Troll

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