Little Trolls Play Soccer and Ride Bikes

The Troll has been watching a new season of youth soccer. His son Trevor Troll is on the SeaGOALS you see and his skills have the Troll thinking scholarship. I can hear some of you saying “yeah sure Troll, he’s only 7 how can you project his athletic success.” Whatever, the kid can play. Like 6 goals in one half play. Like multiple goal scoring streaks play. He’s on a tear. What makes it great is the style with which he does it. He’s a big kid so other kids his age tend to bounce off him. His coach calls him “Big Papi” and his game is pure Troll. If you see a big kid out on the soccer pitch with other kids on the ground around him you might have caught yourself a glimpse of the next Troll prodigy.

On another note Trisha Troll took her first solo bike ride at age 4 yesterday. Since it’s nice this evening we will be taping the first episode of “Trolls on Wheels”. It’s a comedy of course.

The Troll

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