Trolls love Football

For those of you that think you know Trolls, it might be surprising to learn that football is the preferred sport of Trolls. They love it. They love watching football, they love playing football and they really love playing fantasy football. I realize that football is an unrelated topic for this blog but the Troll feels that he must provide a well rounded education for his 3 to 4 daily readers. And in doing so he feels obligated to post about the defense of another fantasy football championship. To the chagrin of his fellow competitors, he is defending his 7th championship in this the 13th year of his fantasy football league.

Trolls also love the Seattle Seahawks of course. They especially enjoy tailgating with friends across the street from “Fuel” Sports Bar in Occidental Park. So if you want to meet a real live Troll don’t be afraid to poke around that area before a Seahawks game. He is most likely the one giggling around the barbecue. He doesn’t bite when tailgating so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and have a beverage. Remember, Football is like Christmas to Trolls.

The Troll

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