The Ice has Thawed on Fixed Jumbos

Fixed Jumbos, just like the recent snow in Seattle have thawed. The Troll is happy to report that he now has a few excited lenders back in the Jumbo loan game. For the past few years, 30 year fixed rate Jumbos have been a proverbial pipe dream. Lenders have been reluctant to get back into this product arena due to their foreclosure losses.  That is changing quickly as the Troll has secured no less than 3 new avenues for fixed Jumbo products.  If you have an adjustable rate Jumbo loan you should give the Troll a call to discuss your options. You might be surprised at how low rates are for these types of loans. Even if your loan isn’t a Jumbo you should call the Troll anyway because rates are on Fire right now!

The Troll

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