Is the Euro Really a Burro?

Well, it appears the Eurozone is under seige again as Italy and Spain are now in the crosshairs of the debt crisis. Remember when it was all about Greece and their impending default? It now appears that the contagion is snowballing through Europe. The Troll had a beat on this story a couple of months ago (see Greek Mythology). If a stop gap isn’t instituted soon to soak up a lot of the debt exposure (a Central Bank perhaps) the Euro might become……wait for it……a “Burro”. That’s Spanish for Donkey of course and one of the few words that convey negativity while rhyming with Euro. See what the Troll did there? When you think about it the Burro is the perfect animal to symbolize the French. They smell and are quite disagreeable…….He’s here all week folks!

The Troll

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