Will you get a Stocking full of Troll?

Have you read about the record breaking spending occurring across the nation? Everyone’s flush with extra cash you see and holiday records are being broken every other day. It’s Crazy out there! What recession? Everything is fine! Things are so good that you might get pepper sprayed trying to buy.  Well, the Troll smells Horse Pucky!  Mark my words it will begin with something like this “Early Sales Estimates Overly Optimistic” or better yet “Returns Unexpected”. However it is framed the sales figures will be downgraded.  It’s what we Trolls in the know call “Hyping the Market”. If I think that everyone else is out there spending mountains of cash then by golly I’m going to spend some too. It’s human nature of course and it’s 1 reason that I’m glad to be a troll.

On the bright side, housing has bottomed and it’s a great time to Buy! Especially in Seattle where they’re breaking Records! See that? But seriously, great deals are out there for someone just like you. Give the old Troll a call and he will help. I mean who else is coming up with one liners like this beauty? “Rates are through the floor and that’s opportunity knocking at your door.”

A little Christmas Carrol for all of you from…..




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